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Realistic Landscape Oil Paintings

Welcome to the realistic oil paintings and landscapes of Jon J. Krider, an American artist. Jon's primary genre is landscape painting but also paints other subjects as well. He enjoys painting using a traditional classic realism and naturalistic approach. Landscape painting is one of the most rewarding art forms for him. As we become overwhelmed by our video games and traffic jams, people need that connection with Mother Nature's creation. That is why someone works a long week and then goes for a hike - to reconnect; In the same way, someone can view a landscape painting and it feeds their soul. Whether one believes the natural world to be created by a higher power or by scientific forces is irrelevant in this case; what matters is that we connect with something more extraordinarily wonderful than we would otherwise encounter. I hope that my paintings help you do that!


Recently Completed Paintings



A Love For Her Horse

18" x 24" - Oil on Canvas


Just Completed


Only One

12" x 24" - Oil on Linen


Current Artworks on the Easel


On the easel you will find the paintings that I am currently working on. I really enjoy showing my paintings at various stages during the process. Although, I have worked up numerous sketches, and have a vision in my mind of what and how the final painting should look like, I will change things along the way. While I am painting I will see things see things differently as they develop on the canvas, and will make adjustments and total changes based on these new ideas. I also love to share my process with my fellow artists. Being a self-taught artist myself, I hope that others can learn a thing or two from my style of work, and use this knowledge to better their own painting style.


In Process


Wild Bill Hickok


24" x 36" - Oil on Canvas





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I was inspired to paint Wendy and her horse after seeing the photo on Facebook. You can see the love between both of them; I really tried to capture that in the painting. So I named this painting: A Love For Her Horse.