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Jon Krider, Landscape Artist & Painter


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Original oil paintings make wonderful and unique gifts!

Commission an Original and Unique Oil Painting


I am Jon, and I love doing custom painting commissions for my clients and their families. They make excellent gifts or memorabilia of a fond location. Commissioning a piece of art is a unique experience. Perhaps there is a special place to you, a honeymoon location or memorable holiday. Maybe there are flowers or a certain view that holds a deep meaning for you. Either way I’d love to help bring your artwork to life. 

My style of painting is realistic with a twist of painterly. I combine some of the techniques of the old masters with the more modern techniques that I have learned over the years to create my works of art. If you love my painting style, but want something a little bit more custom, I’ll gladly help you create the painting of your dreams. I have a streamlined process that will make the painting commission experience smooth and enjoyable.


In my heart, there is always another painting just around the bend. Often people will ask me, which painting is your favorite? With a smile, I always say, “My Next One!”.


Vacation Landscape Commission Paintings

One of my top requests from clients is a painting of one of their favorite vacation destinations. I’ve also received requests for paintings of vacation destinations from around the world. These vacation location paintings are perfect for your vacation home to match the local decor and inspire relaxation. Conversely, you may want to preserve the memory of your favorite vacation spot year-round in your primary residence.

Childhood & Current Hometown Commission Paintings

Clients have fond memories of their childhood homes and towns and want to create a painting that mirrors these nostalgic experiences. With high quality photos of the childhood home, I can create a beautiful piece that will be treasured. Sometimes these commissions take a bit longer to plan and produce, but the result is worth it.


When choosing what art to place in your home, it’s a very personal decision. You want the art gracing your home to say something about your elevated tastes, what you believe in, and what inspires you. With the plethora of art and decor available, even considering original artwork says something about you. It says that you care about originality and the individual expression that comes from each piece. The artist creates the original piece with no plan of replication or widespread commercialization. They create their work for themselves and for you.

My original artwork is painted on fine linen panels that I have personally prepared for each of my works, and painted with professional high quality paint that will last a lifetime. Many of my original paintings are studies that have started from sketches, photographs, and/or paintings I have done “plein air” on location. Each painting is unique and captures my interpretation of the scene at that location and at that moment in time.

Thank you for considering my original artwork, and I hope that you find that perfect work of art for your home. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me about doing a commissioned painting just for you, a one of kind of your favorite place.

I absolutely love this painting. Jon's work is Incredible! The colors and attention to detail really capture and reveal a story and feeling behind the painting.

Harlee S. - CA

The work quality was even better than the picture. Delivery was prompt and well packaged. Jon even included a frame with the painting. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience when ordering a piece of art online.

Nicholas L. - WA

Fantastic painting and great seller! Excellent communication along with expedited shipping and professional packaging. Overall a great experience!

John S. - NY

This painting of the ocean, rocks, palm tree, and sunset is so amazing! Every paint stroke shows so much detail including the leaves on the palm tree, the green bushes, the mountains, the water coming over the rocks, and the clouds in the sky. I will cherish this forever!

Sharon W. - OH

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