Welcome To My Studio!

I am, Jon Krider

Landscape Artist and Painter

My style of painting is realistic with a twist of painterly. I combine some of the techniques of the old masters with the more modern techniques that I have learned over the years.

Mother Nature is my inspiration, with her endless subject matter and surprises she creates in nature. I work to create a sense of place that is somewhere, maybe nowhere in particular, but was provided by Mother Nature herself. I want each and every viewer see and take something a little different from my artwork, and has an experience rather than just viewing a picture. My goal is not to paint life, but to paint life into my work and create an emotional connection that will inspire my viewers.

Realistic original oil paintings have a special place in the heart of collectors as they are one of a kind pieces that only one person owns. Although artists often paint the same location over and over, no two original paintings will ever be the same, as every brushstroke and oil pigment is unique and not duplicatable.


Nature evokes a feeling and intensity within me. This is what speaks to me, and draws me in. It is critical to me to capture this vitality, and rich diversity of the scene. I strive to implement this emotional context into a landscape painting. It is because of this, that I try to paint such reality into my paintings. I want my viewers to feel the same emotion. I am not only relying on the knowledge that I have gained over the years, but I keep myself open to the surprises that popup during the painting process. It’s like being on the edge; Sometimes I fall, and other times new and unexpected possibilities of expression, and technique become available to me. Because I am not afraid to be on the edge, I continue to improve my painting style and techniques. If I manage to maintain this fragile balance, a work of art is created that I am proud to put my name on and share with others.


When choosing what art to place in your home, it’s a very personal decision. You want the art gracing your home to say something about your elevated tastes, what you believe in, and what inspires you.

With the plethora of art and decor available, even considering original artwork says something about you. It says that you care about originality and the individual expression that comes from each piece. The artist creates the original piece with no plan of replication or widespread commercialization. They create their work for themselves and for you.

My original art work is painted on MDF panels that have been personally prepared for each of my works, and painted with high quality paint that will last a lifetime. Many of my original paintings are studies started from sketches, photographs, and/or painted “plein air” or on location. I do work on the finer details in the comfort of my studio. Each painting is unique and captures my interpretation of the scene at that location at that moment in time.

Thank you for considering my original artwork, and I hope that you find that perfect work of art for your home.

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With every painting sale I make, I am reminded that Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime. Today, Vincent’s paintings are worth millions of dollars.

Laboureur Dans Un Champ
Sold for $111 Million at Auction