Meet The Artist


…the first snow that falls early in November crystallizing the trees and landscape.

…the summer sunset that illuminates the countryside.

…the mist that settles in the valleys on cool nights, with the canopies of oak trees standing above it all.

…the signs of Spring with bird nests full of life, and the blooming of wild flowers across the fields.

All of nature continues to inspire and intoxicate me. The older I get, the more I realize how intricate our world was created. The Bible says “Ask the animals, and they will teach you. Ask the birds, and they will tell you. Speak with the earth and it will teach you, even the fish will relate the story to you. All creatures know that the Lord’s hands have created our beautiful earth”. (Job 12:7-10). I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend outdoors, as it is my time to pray, dream and compose new works – which is why my passion is to capture landscapes and nature.

As young boy, I have always had a love for nature. I would spend every free second walking the fields and woods around our home in Ohio observing and studying every aspect of nature. When most kids would rush home to play with their friends after school, I would grab my sketchbook and head to the woods to draw the trees, ponds, and wildlife.

I have lived and visited many of the States in our country. This has provided me with the opportunity to study many different landscapes and nature scenes. These days, I live in Texas and most of my works are Texas related with the beautiful wildflowers in the spring, or one of the many different landscapes that are available in Texas. Texas offers a wide range of painting subject matter for the Landscape Painter, from deserts to lush green pastures, and even mountain ranges. However, every now and then, I just have to reach into my stack of reference photos from one of those other beautiful places that I visited, and create a new painting.


I often sketch, paint, and/or photograph outdoors first to capture color and setting, then I move indoors to refine the painting. My goal is to have the viewer’s eyes flow comfortably through a piece and to draw them into the canvas. I want the person to feel as if they have visited the place I’m painting. The medium I use is oils on canvas, linen, or panel. The oil paints provide me with rich colors and a longer drying period to make changes on the canvas.

The Next Painting

In my heart, there is always another painting just around the bend. Often people will ask me, which painting is your favorite? With a smile, I always say, “My Next One!”.