The Round Rock


The Round Rock
20" x 20" Oil on Linen

This painting is of the famous Round Rock of Round Rock, Texas. The city was named after this rock. During the early days of cattle drives, the cowboys would look for this rock because it identified a shallow crossing point for the cattle. I also added the Round Rock water tower to the painting. You really cannot see the water tower from this point because it is located in the middle of town, but I added it to this painting because it is also a landmark that identifies the city of Round Rock, and it was fun to paint.

SHIPPING & PACKAGING: Paintings are packaged very well with great care of protecting the painted surface, and without frames.

FRAMING: Framing can be such a personal thing based on not only the colors that are in the painting but, a person’s individual tastes and likes. For this reason, I do not provide framing options. Please support your local framers in your area. All paintings are ready to be framed. Please Note, when framing DO NOT put glass over an oil painting.

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