I love doing custom painting commissions for my clients and their families. They make excellent gifts or memorabilia of a fond location. If you love my painting style, but want something a little bit more custom, I’ll gladly help you create the painting of your dreams. I have a streamlined process that will make the painting commission experience smooth and enjoyable.

Featured Testimonial
Big Bend National Park, Texas
Davis Mountains Range

“Jon, I can’t tell you how much this means to me. You are so gifted!”
Kay M. from Texas

How to Commission a Painting

So, do you have a favorite location, that’s on a ranch, or from that fabulous vacation, or perhaps a National park and wished you had a painting of it? Or, maybe you’ve seen one of my paintings that has already sold, but would like something similar? If so, the following will give you a couple of options to consider

Studio Paintings: From my own existing landscape references, field studies or photos. For example: You want a Texas Hill Country, Bluebonnet scene with a stream. You select the size of the painting. I design several visuals (pencil sketches, color sketch or photos) with differing compositions for you to choose from. Price is based upon size and will be comparable in price to gallery paintings of the same size. A deposit is placed, minimum 1/2 of the price, remainder upon completion.

Your Reference Photos: When you wish to have a painting from a favorite location this option opens up more exciting possibilities. You get to share a special scene that has meaning for you, and I get to see the beauty that has inspired you. After reviewing your photos I begin to work up several artistic compositions from which you can choose as basis for the studio painting. You select the size for the studio painting. Price is based upon size and will be comparable in price to gallery paintings of the same size. A deposit is placed, minimum 1/2 of the price, remainder upon completion.

Benefits of a Painting Commission from Jon J. Krider
  • Your custom request means there are no other paintings like it – anywhere!
  • Original oil painting that will last for generations with the highest quality paint
  • Your painting will be in Jon’s original painting style, not produced in a factory
  • You will have a voice in the process, to help craft and design the final work
  • Jon’s lifetime of painting expertise will guide you through the process to create an exquisite finished product
  • The joy of owning or gifting a painting of one of your most cherished places
How the Commission Process Works:
  • I will review your commission application and followup with a few questions via email and/or phone.
  • We will schedule and introductory call to discuss your preferences, and ideas for the painting commission.
  • I’ll send you a sketch of the painting via email for your initial review.
  • I’ll then create the painting for you and send high-quality pictures.
  • You’ll have a chance to request 1-2 revisions, if necessary.
  • Once complete, I’ll send your painting via a tracked and insured UPS or FedEx shipment.
  • You can then frame, hang, and love your painting!
Let’s Talk About Your Commission

If you’d like to request a painting commission, please complete the form below, and I’ll follow up with you shortly.

Painting Commission FAQ’s

Q? Can I return the painting?

A: Yes, if you are not satisfied with the painting, you can send it back for a revision or refund. In order to share costs, you would be responsible for the shipping fees both ways.

Q? Do you include the frame?

A: In order to save on your shipping costs, I don’t include a frame with the commission. I will send recommended instructions for framing. If you would still like my expertise in framing the painting, I can provide this service for the additional framing and shipping costs.

Q? Do you varnish the oil painting before shipping?

A. Yes; Upon the completion the painting, several thin coats of retouch varnish are applied to protect the painting until the oil paint is fully dry. The drying time of an oil painting can take from 3 to 6 moths. Upon fully drying, 2 coats of final varnish is applied to the painting to protect it and restore the full colors of the painting. If you purchase an original painting from me, or have a commissioned painting done by me, you might be asked to return it so that I may apply the final varnish to the painting. This will protect and restore the true color of the painting for many years. Note: you can also apply the varnish yourself if you prefer. I can provide you with the directions and what type of varnish to apply if requested.

Q? What are the prices for a painting commission?

A: Each commission will receive a custom quote depending on the size, complexity, and other requirements for the painting. Most commissions prices are based upon size and will be comparable in price to gallery paintings of the same size. A deposit is placed, minimum 1/2 of the price, remainder upon completion.