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about, Jon Krider


Hi, my name is Jon Krider, and I am an artist who specializes in painting realism into my artwork. I love to bring together techniques from the old masters and modern techniques, which gives each painting a unique and beautiful combination of painterly and realistic looks.

I have had a love for nature since I was a young boy. Growing up in Ohio, I spent almost every free moment I had walking the fields and woods around my home, observing and studying every aspect of nature. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the natural world, and I have made it my life's work to capture that beauty in my paintings. As a child, while most kids would rush home to play with their friends after school, I would grab my sketchbook and head out to the surrounding countryside to draw the trees, ponds, and wildlife that I came across.

While I am mostly self-taught, I owe a great deal of my success to my art teachers from grade school and high school. They taught me the basics of art and were always supportive of my drawings. As an artist, I have studied the old masters and practiced their techniques extensively. I have spent countless hours reviewing their wonderful paintings, and I continue to work on perfecting my techniques.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to live in and travel to many different states in the US. This has given me the chance to see firsthand a wide range of landscapes and nature scenes, which I use as inspiration for my paintings. These days, I am lucky enough to reside in Central Texas, where I am surrounded by a stunning array of painting subject matters, from the arid deserts to the lush green pastures and mountain ranges. I even have the opportunity to paint seascapes from the coast!

2023 Downtowner Gallery, Round Rock TX - Food For Thought
2019 120ART, Taylor TX – Far Country
2019 Williamson County Museum, Round Rock, Texas – Earth, Water, Sky
2018 Round Rock Plein Air Group Show at Williamson County Jester Annex
2018 120ART, Taylor TX – Transportation
2018 WCAG Show at Georgetown Public Library – Our Creative Community
2003/2004 Solo Shows at the Myrddin Winery, Berlin Center, OH
2001 – 2002 Colored Pencils Group Showings, Amy Lindenberger, N. Canton, OH

Since 2019 Member of Outdoor Painters Society
2017 - 2020 Member of Williamson County Art Guild, TX
Since 2017 Member of Plein Air Round Rock, TX
Since 2017 Member of Plein Air Austin, TX
2004 – 2008 Member of Portrait Society of America
1999 – 2003 Member of CPSA (Color Pencil Society of America)

2019 Guest Artist – Williamson County Art Guild – A Selected Painting Technique: Landscape

YouTube Videos, Tutorial Videos, Online Lessons - Andrew Tischler
2000 – 2003 Using Colored Pencils, Amy Lindenberger, N. Canton, OH



My passion for painting is a journey of self-discovery that reflects my personal experiences and feelings. I find myself captivated by the beauty of vast landscapes and seascapes, and my creative process is driven by a desire to capture the essence of these subjects in a painterly realist style. I am constantly in awe of the natural world and the laws of nature that govern it, and I strive to express these wonders in my paintings.

Before beginning a new painting, I always take the time to carefully observe my subject matter, whether through sketched drawings, painted studies or photographs. This allows me to capture the shadows, colors, setting, and overall mood of the scene. I create several small color studies to experiment with the composition and color schemes of my paintings. This phase of the painting process is crucial as it allows me to refine the overall composition and make adjustments to the shapes and colors.

My painting process consists of four phases that I carefully follow to create a cohesive and captivating painting. The first phase is the sketching phase, where I use a pencil or a brush to create a rough sketch of my subject on a prepped linen canvas. The second phase is the underpainting phase, which involves blocking in the large shapes using a mid-tone color. The third phase is the modeling phase, where I break down the painting into smaller subjects and begin to add more colors to create a 3D effect. Finally, the fourth phase is the detail and glazing phase, where I apply more details to each of the subjects in the painting and apply glazes where needed.

I use professional high-quality handmade oils on fine linen panels to create my paintings. All materials are archival tested and will last for lifetimes, ensuring the longevity of my artwork. As an artist, I am constantly seeking to improve my craft and learn from the great masters of the past and present. By studying their techniques and understanding how they created their magnificent paintings, I am able to refine my own skills and create even more captivating works of art.


I absolutely adore my studio at home, but there is something truly magical about stepping out into the great outdoors and setting up my paints and panels to capture the natural beauty around me. Every moment, every day, and every time of day presents a new opportunity to capture the unique atmosphere and mood of my surroundings.

Plein Air painting, which involves creating art while outdoors, offers me the perfect opportunity to hone my craft. Using a combination of quick brushstrokes and deliberate color choices, I'm able to create stunning images that convey the essence of the world around me.

Though many of my plein air paintings are simply studies, they serve as the perfect jumping-off point for a larger studio piece or even an entirely new work of art. By taking the time to truly observe and capture the beauty around me, I am able to create truly unique and special pieces that bring joy to those who view them.