Hi, I am Jon Krider, and I enjoy painting realism into my artwork. I am working to combine some of the techniques from the old masters with today’s modern techniques, giving my paintings a combination look of painterly and realistic. As a young boy the most important thing to me was the love for all of nature. I spent almost every free moment walking the fields and woods around my home in Ohio observing and studying every aspect of nature. When most kids would rush home to play with their friends after school, I grabbed my is sketchbook and head out to the surrounding country side to draw the trees, ponds, and wildlife that I came across. For the most part, I am a self-taught artist. I do credit my art teachers from grade school and high school for teaching me the basics of art, and were so supportive of my drawings. I have studied the old masters and practiced their techniques, reviewed their wonderful paintings. I continue to work on perfecting my techniques, and I am always learning something new. I have lived in and traveled to many States in the US. This has provided me the opportunity to study and see first hand many different landscapes and nature scenes. These days, I resides in Central Texas. Texas provides a wide range of painting subject matters for the Landscape Painter, from deserts to lush green pastures, mountain ranges, and even seascapes from the coast.

2023 Downtowner Gallery, Round Rock TX - Food For Thought
2019 120ART, Taylor TX – Far Country
2019 Williamson County Museum, Round Rock, Texas – Earth, Water, Sky
2018 Round Rock Plein Air Group Show at Williamson County Jester Annex
2018 120ART, Taylor TX – Transportation
2018 WCAG Show at Georgetown Public Library – Our Creative Community
2003/2004 Solo Shows at the Myrddin Winery, Berlin Center, OH
2001 – 2002 Colored Pencils Group Showings, Amy Lindenberger, N. Canton, OH

Since 2019 Member of Outdoor Painters Society
2017 - 2020 Member of Williamson County Art Guild, TX
Since 2017 Member of Plein Air Round Rock, TX
Since 2017 Member of Plein Air Austin, TX
2004 – 2008 Member of Portrait Society of America
1999 – 2003 Member of CPSA (Color Pencil Society of America)

2019 Guest Artist – Williamson County Art Guild – A Selected Painting Technique: Landscape

YouTube Videos, Tutorial Videos, Online Lessons - Andrew Tischler
2000 – 2003 Using Colored Pencils, Amy Lindenberger, N. Canton, OH

Website: https://www.jonkrider.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonkriderartist/
Instagram: artistjonkrider


My paintings reflect something personal to me. I am drawn to vast landscapes, and seascapes. I paint my subjects in a painterly realist style. In every painting I am striving to understand the laws of nature, and how the light is projected on the environment. My goal for every painting is to achieve a convincing sense of reality and break the constraints of the two dimensional surface. I want to draw the viewer into the painting giving them the feeling they are standing in the scene.

When starting an new painting, I often sketch, paint and/or photograph to capture the shadows, colors, setting and overall mood of my subject matter. I might even create several small color studies. These studies are small paintings that provide me the opportunity to review the overall composition and colors used to create it. It is during this phase of the painting process that allows me that opportunity to change and/or remove those shapes that are not working. The painting begins using the above mentioned reference materials.

There are three (4) phases to to my painting process:

1. Sketch - After prepping the linen canvas, I roughly sketch my subject with a pencil or brush using very thin mix of paint.

2. Under Painting - This phase is basically, the blocking in of the large shapes using a mid-tone color.

3. Modeling - Braking down the painting into smaller subjects, I begin to more colors to model and giving the subject a 3D effect. 

4. Detail & Glazing - The final phase I use it to apply more details to each of the subjects in the painting, and apply glazes where needed in the painting.

The medium I use are professional high-quality handmade oils on fine linen panels. All materials are high-quality archival tested and will last for lifetimes.

My obsession with creating combining that painterly realistic look has led me to study many of the great masters from the past and current. I seek to understand how they made/make such magnificent paintings.


Although I love my studio in my house, my favorite studio is the Great Outdoors! There is nothing more exciting to me than to crab pack full of paints and panels, and head outside to capture all the colors and sunlight that I see in that particular moment of time and space. Everyday is different and every time of day is different, providing challenges to capture mood and atmosphere in a painting. Plein Air means to painting outdoors or “out in the open,” images are painted in a short periods of time to capture the lighting and color temperatures. 

A lot of my plein air paintings are just studies for me. With these studies, I will take them back to the studio where they might become a part or a whole new larger studio painting.