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Commission A Painting


I love doing custom painting commissions for my clients and their families. They make excellent gifts or memorabilia of a fond location. If you love my painting style, but want something a little bit more custom, I’ll gladly help you create the painting of your dreams. I have a streamlined process that will make the painting commission experience smooth and enjoyable.

Here are some of the most popular types of oil painting commissions:

Give the gift of an original oil painting for Anniversaries, Weddings, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc…

Original oil paintings make wonderful and unique gifts! Gifts for all sorts of occasions. I can create paintings of all sizes for the special occasion.  When you think of the particulars of your loved one or friend you are giving to, you know places and things they love so we can create a beautiful memory for them of a special place!

Vacation Landscape Commission Paintings

One of my top requests from clients is a painting of one of their favorite vacation destinations. My studio is in Texas and I receive numerous requests for paintings of Big Ben National Park, the coast around Galveston, and other great spots around Texas. I’ve also received requests for paintings of vacation destinations from around the world. I have done paintings of the Gand Canyon in the US, Germany, and the Swiz Alps.

These vacation location paintings are perfect for your vacation home to match the local decor and inspire relaxation. Conversely, you may want to preserve the memory of your favorite vacation spot year-round in your primary residence.

Childhood & Current Hometown Commission Paintings

Send me photos of your favorite vacation spot or a vacation photo of years ago and I can paint a beautiful realistic memory to grace the walls of your home/environment. With the photos you send me and the sketches I create, I can create wonderful memory for you of your vacation.

Your current home may be your dream come true! I work with clients on creating paintings that depict the local landscape and culture of where they currently live. This is a great way to bring the community into your home’s interior design.

Benefits of a Painting Commission from Jon Krider

  • Your custom request means there are no other paintings like it – anywhere!
  • Original oil painting will last for generations on archival linen with the highest quality paint.
  • Your painting will be in Jon’s original painting style, not produced in a factory.
  • You will have a voice in the process, to help craft and design the final work.
  • The joy of owning or gifting a painting of one of your most cherished places.

    How the Commission Process Works:

    1. I will review your commission request and followup with a few questions and/or discuss preferences and ideas via email and/or phone.
    2. You can provide any digital photos that I can use as reference by email (please do not mail original or one of a kind photos, just email digital photos are accepted), or whatever necessary reference is needed for the painting.
    3. I like to do some initial small sketches and/or color studies for you to review prior to starting the actual painting. Once you approve of the initial sketch/plan for the painting(s), I will begin the painting process.
    4. As the painting goes through the painting process, I will send or post in a private page so that you may see the progress of your painting. This is also the time to make any adjustments you might have. Do to my style of painting and depending on the change there is no guarantee the change can be done, but I will make every effort to ensure you love your new painting.
    5. The timing varies for each painting, as well as my current schedule. Commissions typically take 3-5 weeks to complete. If you have a specific event and date that you’d like a paint for, I’ll do my best to accommodate your requirements.
    6. A 50% deposit of the total price is required to secure your booking before I begin your painting. The final 50% is due upon completion.
    7. Once the painting is finished, agreed upon and the final payment has cleared, the painting(s) as well as any and all sketches if you desire them, will be securely shipped, and insured by UPS or FedEx. I will email you the tracking number.

    Payment Acceptance

    Commissions are invoiced and payments are accepted through the website. You will be invoiced for the initial 50% before commencing the painting. Remainder will be invoiced once the final painting has been approved, and before shipping.

    Painting Commission FAQ’s

    Q: Do you include the frame?
    A: Framing can be such a personal thing based on not only the colors that are in the painting but, a person’s individual tastes and likes. For this reason, I do not provide framing options. Please support your local framers in your area. All paintings are ready to be framed. Please Note, when framing DO NOT put glass over an oil painting.

    Q: How are paintings shipped?
    A: Paintings are packaged very well with great care of protecting the painted surface, and without frames. I’ll send your painting via a tracked and insured by UPS or FedEx shipment.

    Q: What is the investment for a commissioned painting?
    A: A bespoke painting has several advantages: it is customized specifically for you and it is a one of a kind. You will also be personally a part of the creative process. Therefore, due to the bespoke nature of a commission, the price is slightly higher than buying a painting that’s already completed.

    Q: Can you paint a portrait commission?
    A: At this time I do not do portraits. I am more focused on landscapes. 

    Let’s Talk About Your Painting

    If you’d like to request a painting commission, please apply below and I’ll follow up with you shortly: