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Summer Surf

Sale price$800.00

22” x 30”
Oil on Linen

Artist Thoughts: My oil painting on linen of a large wave just before crashing into the rocks. My goal for this painting was to capture the vibrant colors of greens, blues, and violets that can be seen in the ocean. The sailboat in the distance adds a peaceful element to the painting as it sails past the far distant islands.

Painting this piece was a challenge, but I am proud of the final result. The colors were especially difficult to capture, but I believe I was able to create a sense of movement and depth in the water. The rocky shoreline adds a sense of danger to the scene, with the wave appearing to crash against the rocks at any moment.

Overall, I am thrilled with how this painting turned out. It was a great opportunity to experiment with color and movement in a new way. I look forward to incorporating what I learned from this painting into future pieces.

Summer Surf
Summer Surf Sale price$800.00