Jon J. Krider, Landscape Artist & Painter

Texas Eastern Bluebirds


Artist Thought: While three species of bluebirds can be found in Texas, the Eastern Bluebird is the species most commonly seen in Central Texas. Eastern Bluebirds are beautiful birds. The males have vibrant blue wings and backs with rusty red on the neck and breast. I love the colors of these birds, and blue and orange are complementary colors.

11” x 14”
Oil on Linen Panel

This painting is hand-painted by me, Jon Krider, using a traditional multilayers painting techniques combined with a few of my own. I use professional high quality oil paints and hand created panels with fine linen canvas, so your a painting will last for generations to come.

FRAMING: The frame is included with this painting. I know framing can be such a personal thing based on not only the colors that are in the painting but, a person’s individual tastes and likes. This frame can be easily replaced, so please support your local small business framers for that perfect frame.

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