Stages - Chisholm Trail Park II

Below you we see the various stages of my painting as I go through the process of creating this piece. I also will provide comments and my thoughts during a particular stage. If you are a fellow artist, and you have any questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.
Chisholm Trail Park
8 x 10 Oil on Panel

This park is located in Round Rock, Texas, and is one of my favorite places to paint. When I first arrived this beautiful morning, I loved how the sun was just coming up and hitting just the top of the trees; this is what I wanted to capture in my painting. I took a quick reference photo and began working on the painting.

Stage 1

I captured this block in while onsite painting Plein Air, on a Saturday morning. The weather was perfect! I waited for the sun to hit the top of the trees before I started painting it. I love how the sunlight just made the tree tops and the reflections in the water glow.

Stage 2

With the block in completed, I began working on the trees and detail across the stream. Need to add some branches and other colors before add the reflections in the water. I noticed that the block in for the water was too light, so I add more blue to it as water and reflections tend to be darker than the sky and trees being reflected.