Stages - Galveston Texas Seaport

Below you we see the various stages of my painting as I go through the process of creating this piece. I also will provide comments and my thoughts during a particular stage. If you are a fellow artist, and you have any questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Galveston Texas Seaport
16 x 24 Oil on Panel

Love the colors and subject of this painting. The painting is a commissioned work that is currently on the easel. The reference photo was supplied by the client. There is a ton of detail in this photo, and is defiantly going to be a real challenge. I did a little cropping of the photo, but keep most of it because of the colors in the foreground water. This was a good balance!

I will post various stages of the painting as I work on it, so please be sure to check back often to watch this painting come alive.

Stage 1

This stage shows a rough sketch on the panel. The panel was prepared with 3 coats of professional gesso on the back, and 5 coats on the front. Then the panel was sanded very smooth for my style of painting. Work can not begin on the underpainting.

Stage 2

The block in is completed for now. The ducks will be worked on after the water is completed. With the major shapes and mid-tones established, I can now begin working on the details, and refining the overall colors.

Stage 3

Have the major subjects for the background established, and will now begin adding the details, shadows, and minor subjects. Working on the painting, I have noticed that a lot of the details and colors in the reference photo have been washed out by the camera. To fix this, I have relied on my knowledge of the subject matter, and my creativity to adjust the colors and add details as needed to make this painting ad realalistic as possible. I am very happy with the way this painting is coming along.

Stage 4

I would say that the background is mostly completed at this point. I will tweak it here and there by adding some darks and highlights as I study it some more. I took some artist privileges by reducing the amount of background clutter that is in the original photo. This allows the viewers eyes to not be pulled to the boat in the background on the left side. At this stage I want to move on to the water.

The Original Reference Photo